Safety Notice & Caution For Frl

Please read this safety notice carefully before using and pay attention to the safety caution of this product.
Caution for design, selection

  • PC transparent cup of the filter, lubricator and the see through oil  dripping device of lubricator are made of PC plastic material, no synthetic oil, organic solvent, chemical, cutting oil, volatile gas and above mentioned conditions is allowed,  in order to avoid destruction of material and affect safety of application.
  • If the selected plastic panel of the pressure gauge for regulator is not suitable for spraying with organic solvent, please avoid possible panel damage of the regulator. 
  • Avoid the place with impact or rigorous vibration when designing the device; avoid to be mounted outdoor and the environment presence with chemical and corrosive air. 

Caution for assembling

  • Pay attention to the direction of the air source while installing, never used in reversed air direction.
  • Use spanner to tighten the pressure gauge while installing, never tighten with your hand holding the casing of the pressure gauge to avoid damage of  the pressure gauge.
  • Follow the torque in table below while laying the pipe (tighten the connector), never exceed the range of application to avoid damage of product.

Safety Notice & Caution For Frl

  • Filter and lubricator should be mounted with correct direction (Bottom of cup downward as illustrated in figure A) to ensure the function of the product while using.
  • Prevent debris and leak proof tape residue from entering the pipe while laying, if the connector is locked by using anoxic glue, avoid excessive amount and fluid glue from flowing in the body, which may cause jammed and poor movement.

Caution for application

  • Don’t remove the PC cup while running to avoid hazard; the PC cup should be locked in position and then air supply is allowed.
  • Caution for draining device:

1.Manual drain, drain in counterclockwise direction (turn left), clockwise direction to lock (turn right). Don’t use spanner and pliers to hold to avoid damage.
2.Semi-auto drain, use only for pressure above 0.05Mpa (0.5kgf/cm2).
3.Automatic float drain, use only for pressure above 0.15Mpa (1.5kgf/cm2).
4.Care for the cleanliness of air and PC cup, avoid clogged by debris and dirt cause poor function of draining device and leakage.

  • Turn oil adjusting knob by hand while operating, do not use spanner, pliers tool to prevent damage and affect safe operation.
  • ISO-VG32 Lubricator oil or equivalent is highly recommended.
  • The lubricator oils out of above standard is easy to cause poor performance for lubricator.
  • The setting range of outlet pressure should be under or equal to 85% of inlet pressure to achieve better pressure setting and regulation.
  • The regulator knob must be pulled up before turning, increase pressure by turning clockwise and decrease pressure by turning counter-clockwise. Press regulator knob after operation.
  • The density of filter element is 5μm and 40μm, the pipeline should maintain dry air, prevent excessive debris causing clogging and insufficient flow.

Safety Notice & Caution For Frl2

Caution for service and maintenance

  • Confirm the air line and power in close position before doing maintenance to avoid individual injury and product damage.
  • Use hexagonal spanner to assemble and disassemble filter element, other improper tools and wrong ways to break down the product will cause poor performance and unsafety.
  • Replace the element of the filter while it is clogged or poor performance to avoid blockage and insufficient flow.
  • The PC cup of the filter and lubricator are suitable to wipe by cotton paper or wash with pure warm watter and neutral household detergent, avoid to use chemical for cup damage.
  • After service and maintenance, please check if all parts are tightened and positioned properly, and confirm other accessories are save without  problems, then  it is available to turn on air supply.

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